I am going to be an Economist (topic)

I’m a student of the Dushanbe State University. In the near future I’llgraduate from the University and become a professional economist. I’m sure thatthe profession of an economist is one of the most important nowadays in ourRepublic.

What makes a good economist? Whatever he does, an economist should havea through training in economic theory, mathematics and statistics and ourUniversity offers such training. At the University we are taught variousgeneral and special subjects, such as Macroeconomics, Microeconomics,Management, Accounting, Money and Banking, Economic Theory, Statistics,Computer Science, Business Ethics, English.

The profession of an economist is quite diversified. The graduates ofthe faculty work at the educational institutions, various research centers andlaboratories, in industry, business, banks.

Being employed in industry and business, our graduates work as managers,as executive managers, sales managers, financial managers. Some of us work asaccountants. An accountant is one of the prestigious and widely requiredprofessions of an economist in a society. You shouldn’t mix an accountant witha book-keeper. While a book-keeper is mostly involved in calculations, like balancesheets, income statements, invoices, an accountant is responsible for designingthe financial policy of a company.

Some of us work at the banks, at the Stock Exchange, others work for thegovernment or are employed by various agencies and by military services.

Economistscan solve many problems facing our republic.

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