Democracy in America

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It is difficult to say for what reason the Americans can trade at a lower rate than other nations; and one is at first led to attribute this circumstance to the physical or natural advantages which a
I am well aware of the difficulties which attend this part of my subject, but although every expression which I am about to make use of may clash, upon some one point, with the feelings of the differ
Chapter Summary North America divided into two vast regions, one inclining towards the Pole, the other towards the Equator—Valley of the Mississippi—Traces of the Revolutions of the Globe—Shore of th
Procedure Of The Federal Courts Natural weakness of the judiciary power in confederations—Legislators ought to strive as much as possible to bring private individuals, and not States, before the Fede
Advantages Of The Federal System In General, And Its Special Utility In America.
Chapter Summary Utility of knowing the origin of nations in order to understand their social condition and their laws—America the only country in which the starting-point of a great people has been c
Necessity Of Examining The Condition Of The States Before That Of The Union At Large.
The English Government was not dissatisfied with an emigration which removed the elements of fresh discord and of further revolutions.
Chapter Summary Natural strength of the majority in democracies—Most of the American Constitutions have increased this strength by artificial means—How this has been done—Pledged delegates—Moral powe
What, then, is the uniform plan on which the government is conducted, and how is the compliance of the counties and their magistrates or the townships and their officers enforced?
This cause of inferiority results from the nature of things, but it is not the only one; the second in importance is as follows: Sovereignty may be defined to be the right of making laws: in France,
I have hitherto considered each State as a separate whole, and I have explained the different springs which the people sets in motion, and the different means of action which it employs.
Legislative Power Of The State Division of the Legislative Body into two Houses—Senate—House of Representatives—Different functions of these two Bodies.
I have hitherto examined the institutions of the United States; I have passed their legislation in review, and I have depicted the present characteristics of political society in that country.
Re-election Of The President When the head of the executive power is re-eligible, it is the State which is the source of intrigue and corruption—The desire of being re-elected the chief aim of a Pres