What is a manager?

A number of different terms are used for“manager”, including “director”, “administrator”, “president”. We can say thatthe term “manager” is used more often in profit-making organizations and theothers are used more widely in government and non-profit organizations such asuniversities, hospitals and social work agencies.

What is amanager?

A manager is a person who directly supervisespeople in an organization. He helps them to take decisions, he takesresponsibilities, he appoints the directors of the departments and directspersonal relationships.

Managing is a hard job. There is always someuncertainty in it and risk. There is a lot to be done and as a rule very littletime to do it. The engineer can finish a design on a particular day, and theeconomist can accomplish the financial part of the plan at a certain time, butthe manager’s work never stops. He is always busy if he wants his firm to makea success, to find some new methods and new spheres of production and not towaste time by just sitting and watching what others do and waiting when thetime comes.

Here aresome rules for the Manager. Do you agree with all of them?

  1. Try to look very important.
  2. Try to meet as many important in businesspeople as possible.
  3. Speak with authority.
  4. Always keep the office door closed. This makesit look as if you are always at an important conference.

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